Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Veggie Sandwich that Isn't Gross

As a vegetarian, I sometimes find it really difficult to find sandwiches.  I like grilled cheese and mozzarella sandwiches, but I usually hate veggie wraps.

In accordance with trying not to eat greasy foods, I decided to order a Sconset sandwich from Jetties.  A Sconset is: "hummus, muenster cheese, sprouts, tomato, carrots, cucumbers, and avocado spread on multi-grain."

It was quite tasty, though there were too many carrots for my liking and I took out the sprouts.  The hummus and guacamole (avocado) was what really made it delicious.

To make your own Sconset:
- multigrain bread
- hummus
- guacamole
- muenster cheese (cheddar would also work)
- sliced tomatoes
- cucumber slices
- take 2 slices of multigrain bread
- spread guacamole on one slice, hummus on the other
- add a slice of cheese on both slices of bread
- add tomatoes on one slice of bread, and cucumbers on the other
- put together
- toast (optional) for a few minutes
- eat

I love hummus and I love guacamole, but I would never have thought to put them together.


  1. Mmm, that sounds super delicious. It almost reminds me of the nacho dip mom makes (though I'm not sure if that's vegetarian/vegan?) - the one that's: cream cheese and pepper onion and relish salsa :P

    Regardless, my neighbor has hummus and I can always go get some guacamole. SNACK TIME! NOMNOMNOM :D