Monday, December 6, 2010

Bringing Mac and Cheese... Back from the Fridge

A college staple, macaroni and cheese from the box is very difficult to save.  Even one night in the refrigerator turns it crusty and dry.  Macaroni and cheese from the box is one of my guilty pleasures.

The best way to salvage it, I've found, is to essentially recook it.  It takes about five minutes and it's as "fresh" as it was before.

To remake your boxed mac and cheese:
- milk
- butter
- shredded cheese (mixed or cheddar is fine)
- heat a pot to medium
- add some milk, less than a quarter of a cup should be enough
- put cold mac and cheese into the pot
- add about half a tablespoon of butter
- stir until it softens
- add shredded cheese to melt

I know that I really should eat healthier, but if I'm going to have extra mac and cheese, why would I throw it out?

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