Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Plastic Christmas Wreaths

To get into the winter spirit, I made this cute wreath for our house.  True, on the inside our house might be a mess of half-written term papers and Solo cups, but on the outside, we're slowly getting into the spirit.

The best part is I made it using household items that would have just gone to the bin - plastic bags and a wire hanger.  I used ones that my newspaper came in, but I could imagine a cute wreath made out of multicolored bags.  I finished this while watching two episodes of Law & Order and an episode of the Office.

To make your own plastic bag wreath:
Items needed:

- wire hanger
- plastic bags
- scissors
Time: 2.5 hours
Cost: $0 - all bags were saved and the wire hanger was from my roommate (thanks, Laurel!)
1) bend wire hanger to an approximate circle
2) cut up plastic bags into strips: I folded mine up and then cut straight across, but you may need to play around to see how thick you want your wreath to be
3) tie the strips around the hanger until the hanger is covered
4) hang on your door

A free and adorable craft - especially for those who can't bear to throw out any plastic bags.  Ours is currently hanging on the inside of our front door because of the crazy wind
 but hopefully when it gets calmer I'll hang it outside.


  1. Just started following your blog, seems pretty cool. I've got a lot of the same problems with being an environmentalist as you do, I guess the thing to do is to make small changes.

    Did you find the directions for this wreath somewhere or just come up with it? I might have to give it a try, I have way too many plastic bags lying around.

  2. I love this it looks so cool! I'm an eco-fiend and DIY lover :P

  3. i follow a lot of design blogs and one of my favorites is renest ( which did a post on DIY wreaths using random things that were lying around the house. i have a ton of these plastic bags lying around and they were perfect for this craft.

    i think colored bags could work really well for this - and you could even attach other things like feathers or maybe leaves cut out of old beer cans...