Monday, March 21, 2011


A picture of my puppy for no reason at all.

So my experiment with going vegan had a few minor setbacks.

While I ate at home, I was good.  I have tons of vegan options and lots of vegan-friendly substitutes.  When I ate out, I was a disaster.

On Friday I had a sandwich with cheese on it.  On Saturday brunch I had an omelette.  And on Sunday dinner I had pasta with vodka sauce... which is made with cream.

I think even after a few days I was definitely becoming more aware of what I was eating, but I don't think I can go cold turkey on eggs, milk, and cheese.  It's especially hard when we're going out because I don't want to make my friends go to different restaurants (especially since few of my friends are vegetarians and because any of the vegan restaurants are pretty far from where I live).

Anyway, maybe I'll just try to eat vegan and home and vegetarian out for the time being.


  1. I think that's a good plan- because if you don't enjoy it, it will never last, and why do something that's impossible to maintain when you go out to eat?

    Cutest pup ever!