Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going Vegan for a Week

Hey all!  Sorry I've been so MIA.  We had our spring break last week and I was off in sunny San Diego and then to Las Vegas to celebrate my first week as a legal young adult!

After a week of partying with eight of my best friends, I came back to DC feeling a bit sluggish and gross.  A week of alcohol, nachos, and late-night snacking will do that to you.  Now that I'm back in cold weather again, I need to be able to fit into my skinny jeans!

So in response to a lost week, I've decided to detox for at least a week by going vegan.

I consider myself a vegetarian under normal circumstances, though technically I'm a pescetarian.  I do not eat any meat, though I do eat fish occasionally.  I don't eat foods that were cooked in beef or chicken broth.  I do eat eggs and cheese - lots and lots of cheese.

This week I've decided to challenge myself by cutting out eggs, milk, and cheese - as well as any foods made with any of these ingredients*.  It has been pretty difficult, especially because I am still a college student, but  I'm on day three right now and going strong!

Monday: flew in from Vegas and slept until lunch.  I hadn't been to the supermarket in so long, so I had no food.  I ordered from a new restaurant in Georgetown called Avocado Cafe.
Lunch: vegetarian powerhouse salad - mixed greens + tofu + grilled veggies + avocados - delicious!
Dinner: chips and salsa

Tuesday: finally made it to the supermarket!  Went out for my roommate, Zach's, birthday late at night.
Breakfast: a mini Clif bar - chocolate chip! (According to Clif Bar, these are vegan)
Lunch: Odwalla Superfood and a sandwich made with fresh bread, Tofurky smoked turkey slices, tomato, and Veggie Slices cheddar*
Dinner: thai jasmine rice with furikake (Japanese seasoning made with nori [seaweed] and roasted sesame seeds) and Smart Tenders Savory Chick'n*
Late night: hummus, veggies, and pieces of pita from The Tombs.

Wednesday: had such a busy day - class and work from 8am to 8pm.
Breakfast: fruit and veggie Green Goodness smoothie from Bolthouse Farms
Lunch: leftover thai jasmine rice with furikake and veggie chips
Pre-class snack: sandwich with guacamole, hummus, and a Veggie Slice of mozzarella 
Dinner: a salad made with romaine lettuce, Smart Tenders Chick'n, homemade croutons, and balsamic dressing

*There are definitely some foods that I ate that had some milk/egg-derivative products... but I did really try to cut it all out!

Will keep you posted on how the rest of the week goes - and who knows?  Maybe I might go another week!


  1. I've thought about doing this sometimes (I have a similar diet with no meat and very occasionally, only in the past two years, a little bit of fish), but I always am afraid it'll be too much work haha! Can't wait to see how the rest of the week goes! Do you think you'll extend it longer?

  2. I've blogged about this some. My brother is law went vegan overnight so we've had some of this creations. We sometimes eat vegan but we're not in it for the long haul. It can be tough. Have you read 'The China Study'?

  3. it's been pretty difficult but it's been especially hard when we go out to eat and for going to brunch.

    and no, robin, i haven't. i'm going to order it for my kindle!

  4. good for you on the vegan challenge!! How did it go? ;)