Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Battle of the Bottle

For any eco-ista, a reusable waterbottle is a must have.  Having owned either a Sigg or a Klean Kanteen, two of the most popular metal waterbottles, I can say that these waterbottles have increased my water intake and have been lifesavers.  Though both come with their own benefits, the biggest of which is decreasing plastic bottle consumption, I have to say that one comes out as the clear winner for me.

- Thick walled
- Cute designs
- Easy to drink from the narrow top
- Difficult to clean - you can buy a special brush to wash it, but you definitely can't wash it by hand
- Heavy - because it's so thick, it is pretty heavy (though you could use it in self-defense)
- Dents easily - for someone like me who drops their waterbottle constantly, this is an issue
- The lid of the bottle can grow mold if it's not cleaned very thoroughly - gross!
- My Sigg started shedding paint/plastic bits at the top, so that was the last straw for me
- Made out of aluminum, which has some questionable health/safety issues (i.e. BPA in the lining)

Klean Kanteen:
- Easy to wash - you don't need a special brush to wash it and there are no places where mold can grow
- Wide opening - you can put ice cubes into your waterbottle
- Made out of stainless steel, which is safe for you
- Light and easy to carry
- Seems to dent a lot less - I've dropped mine a few times and no dents yet
- Wide opening - I know that I put this in the pros, but I also spill a lot of water while trying to drink out of this
- Few designs and limited colors
- My roommate says that hers leaks, but I haven't had that problem

Sigg: +3, -6
Klean Kanteen: +5, -3
And that is why I say that my Klean Kanteen is the winner.  I love it!


  1. I've got a huge siggy- I think it's gotta be a liter- and it's all I drink out of at home. I love the tapered open mouth so that I can leave it open and just drink tons and tons of water!

  2. I know it's not metal but my favorite is the camel bak water bottles. The main reason I love it is b/c of the sippy top. I could never make myself drink enough water until I got this bottle. I have to be careful about washing it enough but I love it!