Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Things that I'm thankful for
1) To have had my friend, Drew, be a part of my life
2) My family, who loves me and whom I love
3) My friends, who put up with me
4) My roommates, whom I'm thankful to be able to say are also my friends

Now by way of introduction, my name is Kristin and I'm a student at Georgetown University.  I am a semi-avid blogger (Renewable Energy Turns Me On) and semi-avid environmentalist.  I've struggled with living my life in what I deem to be a sustainable fashion, while... you know, actually living my life.

For example, I love Diet Coke and can drink several cans of it in a day.  But Coca-Cola is one of the most environmentally irresponsible corporations in the world, with their vast bottled water operations.  I love buying new clothes, but I know that I don't really need them nor can I afford to buy strictly organic/fair-trade/locally made clothing - nor are those exactly my style.  I like smelling nice, but I know that conventional deodorant has all sorts of potentially environmentally unfriendly chemicals.

Which is how this blog has come to existence.  It is a personal blog at its core (so yes, I will have personal pictures, pictures of my dogs/cat... lots of them, and chat about movies I've seen recently), but I will address sustainable living in an urban environment while trying to keep it stylish.

Have a happy thanksgiving, please hug someone you haven't hugged in a while.

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